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Hey I play games and give some support, i can talk 2 languages spanish and english and I guess I can help translating.

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So... how do I say this? first of all, play it. It's a fun game, pretty genius and creative, lovely.

Second, this game is just way too crazy, you can't even imagine, even after you finish the game you may overlook how crazy this game is like.... do you even realize what you just played? let me explain.

Version racista en espaƱol: https://imgur.com/a/VOVMEpz

You start as this random dude that works at a boring company, and he just says fuck it, I am gonna steal everything. He consumed everything in his company. He stole the manager's gun and killed everyone and everything. He freakin went to the boss and killed him to then become the boss. He actually took his body. If that wasn't enough, now he goes to the streets and pounces everything instead of shooting at everything (he learned it from man holes), and the police are now all over him. He pounces to death all of the cops until he kills the mayor to become the mayor. As the mayor he starts making his path towards the city, sending armies that easily destroys any city, mecha, or godzilla on his path. At one point he said fuck it and turned into a plane just to reach the president and nuked him. He then became the President and nuked putin to take his way better nuke, after that he killed kim jong um and other first world countries, and then stole a spaceship. He destroyed every planet in the solar system and then the sun, he became the sun. This causes a glitch in reality taking him to the almighty and it's deities. So he kills the deities in order to get enough power to kill the almighty, and he destroys the almighty and becomes the almighty. There is nothing more to steal but he can't stop, he just can't, he creates more universes where he can keep doing his bidding and no one can stop him.

The creator of this game is bat shit crazy. Also, I am going to be editing this and making it shorter because it's more funny the shorter it is (you sort of lose your mood and stop being able to keep in mind how crazy it is if it's too long.)