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Hey I play games and give some support, i can talk 2 languages spanish and english and I guess I can help translating (while I am not pressure) I also want to add that if I make a mean comment, I am sorry, either I was honest or I was on a bad mood, sorry

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Wish I can say something about the site but honestly, I still haven't been as active as I want to be (but I might from now on, I figured something out)

So, I am just thankful for having wonderful friends, without them I would rant about things here, reddit, and any site that I can grab, and I would just be on some sort of loophole. They had been so nice, tolerant, and even though I am not a person who people can understand (based on, just the fact that a lot of people had tried and just failed miserably), they at least try to and they still cheer me up. I am also thankful for maybe the internet, since the internet kind of teach me to understand things about the world


If you are like me, a person who doesn't see a lot of meaning in holidays, let me help you out, well, voice over pete did a video that does a better job than I. but, If you want me to try I guess, just think about anything nice, doesn't have to be a great thing and one thing is enough, just something nice, anything, and try to think of other nice things if you want since...... it's so easy to think of bad things, way too easy, and we can't do anything about it, bad things are very straightfoward and good things often aren't, you don't have a friend who will write you a letter and show you how much they truly love you once in a while since.... dedicating things to people is hard, since we are just not good at thinking of good things (and also not being repetitive or finding things that are unique on most people). Today, is the day to try to do it differently and actually think of the good things, and ONLY the good things, forget the bad, just focus on the good and be thankful for them. Look, it's just a day, I know you can do it, but if you are a lazy cunt like me and ends up being late or something then dude (dude is for male and female, according to the sayings of the simon) do it tomorrow or some other day, you can be thankful for anything anyday and if you want try to do it everyday (I won't lol).

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