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Hey I play games and give some support, i can talk 2 languages spanish and english and I guess I can help translating.

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I should review games and keep playing newgrounds just like in the past

Posted by SimonGhoul - September 22nd, 2018

stopped doing it because, I dunno

no one cares anyways, but I want to remember why I stopped. I can only say now that my english is a lot better and that I know make videos (not active but not dead at least), so I dunno, everything probably will be better

I probably stopped because of Roblox, tf2, or I think maybe because I got frustrated at my channel and obviously you are not going to 100% of the times find good games in the under judgement or new games section. Newgrounds changed a lot since last time I used it and it will be very cool now with this new design, the rating thing gives me a better perspective of what people see when you give them a 3 for example (A lot of things I rated should had been 3.5 or 4, 3 doesn't fit for good content)

Em.... potato! Trash post! :D and..... I really hope I can animate in the future, something lazy, I don't like drawing for hours

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Do a series that takes place with the same characters in the same place. Then after the first one your work will be mostly done.

I mean I would still need to draw for hours and do each frame.... what I plan to do is to draw a few backgrounds, then the characters and use sprites for everything, meaning I am not going to put a lot of detail in them (and probably will try to use how bad I am at drawing in a way that doesn't make you cringe or hate it and just accept it, like I saw in a few games or animations from this site that are badly drawn but didn't affect my experience)

The main problem is time, if I spend 2 hours on one drawing I feel like I am wasting my time and I also just lose motivation to continue, I feel like there are better things to do and drawing isn't really my skill, it's just something I have to do in order to do what I want to do (or in order to express what I got on my mind, which also has something to do with time because most of my ideas related to drawing vanish if I spend too much time to make them a thing).

The goal is to do something lazy and fast, but to also try to make it good. I don't know if the animation will be lazy because I haven't done a single animation yet but the drawing will be (I can just learn how to draw and see tutorials, but that takes too much time and drawing or animation is not a life goal, just something I want to do, more like a hobbie) I am sure I will not lose a motivation if I spend an hour for a character, then an hour for the background, and so on while giving me time to myself (a day?) to do something that will not make me say like a day was wasted

@ZebraHumor @SimonGhoul Haha, you basically described my entire philosophy of animation. That's why I stick to zebra jokes. Zebra jokes don't have to be the best.

They also don't have to ruin my day :"( dude wtf! my eyes! Ze-broccoli!?
You are the lowest of the lowest, I wonder what life ever did to you to start making puns

@ZebraHumor @SimonGhoul It's not for everyone.

Should mention that I am joking (I hate puns but not something worth shitting on)