James Bond Madness Combat [GoldenEye]

2017-04-29 00:13:49 by SimonGhoul

Is really epic to play that game without going slow, trying to beat the level as fast as possible [no tricks like strafing, at least seeing what's happening], etc
It reminds me of Madness Combat, I just wish there was an animation of James Bond in madness combat, because if you play Goldeneye in the level where you are trapped in jail it really is epic and hard, make noise, every guard coming at you, you yes or yes have to defeat everyone to survive and you need to switch from room to room all the time to don't let enemies get stacked up in one place or to avoid getting hit

Is just too awesome, I always think on Madness Combat when I play that game in that way, just risking your life and risking getting killed with a strong weapon that might easily alert enemies, that's cool


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2017-04-29 00:24:03