Came back, even though I am no one here lel

2017-08-20 22:28:28 by SimonGhoul

Hey :3 how you doing?
Wanna recommend me some stuff to play and review? 
Also, does someone know how to translate games? wish I could help translating text for free, but I don't know if it's complicated to change the code or something, I mean I can do that voluntarily while I don't feel pressured so well, I also don't wanna translate what people say, just things that already had been written, if it's something people say but is not something long I can make a video
I know spanish fluently, and I guess I also know English, I guess, I sure know how to write in English, speaking well I am not sure but I guess, people know what I say when I speak so that's kind of enough 

So well, how are you doing? want me to review anything? can you recommend me anything for my spanish let's play channel? want me to translate something from spanish to english? are you a boy or a girl? Do you prefer games or animations? what are you wearing? do you like chicken? wanna be my friend? nah that was a joke, though where do you live? What would you want to wear? do you like boys, girls, animals, objects, planets, or what? Am I a ghoul? Am I human? Why are you doing that? you look nice you know? why am I making so much questions? is it making you tired? or pissed? do you like urine? I don't, do you have a life?

(I am bored lel)


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