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Why did the chicken enter the door? [Game Review]

2017-08-20 22:56:09 by SimonGhoul

I dunno, but you got to help him, why? why not? why wouldn't you help a cute chicken? just see him.... he is adorable......

Only a monster would not help that poor being who needs to enter the door..... by the way you can also click the image to go to the game (why the image? because it's cool!)

Pretty enjoying and challenging game, maybe even addicting, is worth playing so go ahead, I am sure you will like it, I wish I could say more but I really can't think of anything, is pretty simple and the instructions are there, when the chicken reaches to the door you click anywhere on the screen..... not on your computer screen, but the game screen, (don't worry I messed that one up too)
though is not that simple or challenging, there are X's that will teleport the chicken anywhere the screen, what's the problem with that? I forgot to mention that you make the kitchen explode when you click when the chicken is away from the door (yes, this is a saw game) so you got to be careful, because if you click near the door and you teleport you will just die, so well, tell me your highest score! mine was.... 10 I guess, or 11, I didn't check I just went here and starting writting this but oh well, hope you enjoy the game and is also on android, I recommend you to play it there

I feel bad because I have to enable adblock, I expected that with this new computer I could use newgrounds with ads and without having problems playing games, but I still get problems with the ads

Is this ever getting fixed? I don't think I can contact Tom or some admin but what do you think? I thought it was all my computer but now I have a 8GB Ram computer that has worked well on everything and I still get ads that make the page slow
Maybe there's something to it :T I dunno, I just want to support newgrounds in a way that I don't have to donate (why not donate? because I don't have a job nor a life duh...... :c)

I am sorry newgrounds, but I can't browse your website if I have adblock disabled, maybe I'll just have it on when is not going slow but well, I always use adblock only for security measures but you are the only site that makes me use it to actually be able to use the site (is not like I browse other pages to play flash games so I still don't know if you are the only one), wish there's a fix in the future or I dunno, in the end it might just be me or is just that the game is too powerful

Here's a random picture I have as a filling


Hey :3 how you doing?
Wanna recommend me some stuff to play and review? 
Also, does someone know how to translate games? wish I could help translating text for free, but I don't know if it's complicated to change the code or something, I mean I can do that voluntarily while I don't feel pressured so well, I also don't wanna translate what people say, just things that already had been written, if it's something people say but is not something long I can make a video
I know spanish fluently, and I guess I also know English, I guess, I sure know how to write in English, speaking well I am not sure but I guess, people know what I say when I speak so that's kind of enough 

So well, how are you doing? want me to review anything? can you recommend me anything for my spanish let's play channel? want me to translate something from spanish to english? are you a boy or a girl? Do you prefer games or animations? what are you wearing? do you like chicken? wanna be my friend? nah that was a joke, though where do you live? What would you want to wear? do you like boys, girls, animals, objects, planets, or what? Am I a ghoul? Am I human? Why are you doing that? you look nice you know? why am I making so much questions? is it making you tired? or pissed? do you like urine? I don't, do you have a life?

(I am bored lel)

Is really epic to play that game without going slow, trying to beat the level as fast as possible [no tricks like strafing, at least seeing what's happening], etc
It reminds me of Madness Combat, I just wish there was an animation of James Bond in madness combat, because if you play Goldeneye in the level where you are trapped in jail it really is epic and hard, make noise, every guard coming at you, you yes or yes have to defeat everyone to survive and you need to switch from room to room all the time to don't let enemies get stacked up in one place or to avoid getting hit

Is just too awesome, I always think on Madness Combat when I play that game in that way, just risking your life and risking getting killed with a strong weapon that might easily alert enemies, that's cool

Throw poo at people!

2017-01-28 02:38:39 by SimonGhoul

Let's throw poo at people in here

It says I have that new picture, but when I enter to my profile it says that I have doge, is it just me? <_<
Dice que tengo la foto nueva, pero cuando entro a mi perfil dice que tengo a doge, solo soy yo? <_<

I should have this one
Deberia tener esta

I change my profile icon/Cambio mi icono

2016-12-24 21:33:24 by SimonGhoul


This one I think that it fits better, shiba (doge) just seems too serious, this one seems more chill

I think it doesn't fit here, maybe it does, is just because this is anime and most of things that appear on this sites are.... cartoonish? I don't know but I think you know what I mean, them a icon like that would go fine but 1. I don't have pictures on my pc that are neutral if we can call it that, and 2. I don't know how I can search drawings like that in Google without having shitty drawings probably taken out from a newspaper or some bad and classic comic website

Esta creo que queda mejor, shiba (doge) se ve serio y este se ve mas guai

Pero creo que no encaja, tal vez si, es solo que esto es anime y la mayoria de las cosas que aparecen aca son.... caricaturas? no se como explicarlo pero espero que sepas a que me refiero, un icono asi iria bien pero 1. no tengo imagenes en mi pc que son neutrales si le podemos llamar asi y 2. no se como buscar dibujos en Google que no sean cacas que de seguro sacaron de un periodico o uno de esos comics malos y clasicos

Want a hug?/quieres un abrazo?

2016-12-24 19:28:21 by SimonGhoul

whenever you want it or no, here uwu I am sending you the hug
Lo quieras o no, aca uwu te estoy enviando el abrazo

Base made by Ganea Rebecca in DeviantArt/Base hecha por Ganea Rebecca en DeviantArt

I just love this

2016-12-24 19:14:19 by SimonGhoul

"We become what we behold"

I just love this, is amazing to see one of your greatest opinions in a game, this is what I hate about the system and well, just play it because... is just really amazing how they show your opinion (not made by me, that opinion is not that original, hundreds and millions of people surely think the same) and how they show how news and TV works

dude, I said watch it! >:( stop being so annoying and just watch it, oh, I didn't left the link? I'm sorry x"D here


PS:I know this has been released a long time and we can say is trending, but I wasn't planning on watching it yet but I realize if I keep doing what I was doing I will never get to watch those things I left in the waiting list

"bad writing/spelling"

2016-12-23 22:44:01 by SimonGhoul

I don't know if I am the only one, but is not because I talk spanish
I just hate when you can't edit reviews and you just said something that doesn't even make sense like "instead of wasting bullets with those enemies that are sticked on the floor and explode when you get near, just get near them and kill them" dafuq how are you going to kill them if they are already to near? What I was trying to say is to them run away before it explodes, you can't get too near of course you just need to get their attention and bla bla bla things from the game and trust me that it make sense

Am I the only one who puts words where they don't belong by accident? without even noticing and who doesn't take his time to review the comment because they are too lazy or even if you did it you missed?
Note:I still don't know why I post things like if this was some kind of Social Media, or is it?